Journée Futur & Ruptures

Last thursday (January 24th 2013) I participated in the Journée Futur & Ruptures 2013, held at the Institut Mines-Télécom in Paris, France. This nice french name indicates the program of which my PhD project is part.

The goal of the program Futur & Ruptures is to implement a long-term vision and test new approaches on topics such as future telecommunication networks, digital contents, information technology and computer-assisted healthcare.

The aim of this annual meeting is to facilitate the interactions among all PhD students and the parts that financially support and sponsor the program Futur & Ruptures. In this context, each PhD students was invited to present their project in a specific format. In my case, I prepared a poster 🙂

I’ve also updated the Publications Section of my blog. If you are curious to read my poster, just send me an e-mail at this address:  andrea.collo AT

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