Disney explains Menstruation

cartoonI know it’s considered a quite delicate discussion topic, but menstruation is something which I think it’s interesting to be informed about. And what’s better than a cartoon to approach medical subjects? ūüôā

At the end of this post you can find a very nice youtube video. It explains the story of menstruation and it’s produced by Disney. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but why not… it lasts 10 minutes, if you don’t like it just switch back to your music playlists.

hypophysisEverything starts with the Pituitary gland, better known as¬†Hypophysis, which is a small 0.5 grams endocrine gland positioned at the base of the brain. Endocrine means that its product, hormones, is directly “pumped” into the blood (rather than by means of a duct, as in the case of exocrine glands). The Hypophysis¬†secretes nine¬†hormones¬†that regulate¬†homeostasis, that is a host of human body processes able to keep stable equilibrium conditions. Among these nine hormones, two of them are more directly responsible for menstruation:¬†the¬†Follicle-stimulating hormone¬†(FSH)¬†and the¬†Luteinizing hormone¬†(LH). Both of them are involved in the process of ovulation, FSH acts first and LH comes later. Their action, together with other hormones and many other physiological parameters, establishes the duration of the menstrual cycle.¬†The¬†average menstrual cycle¬†is 28 days long.

I won’t give here more details, everything is well explained by the following video. As a general guideline, we all should be fairly regular within ourselves. Period.

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