new post categorisation

Hello there, since on average you’re about 1000 readers per month, I’ve decided to organise all my posts in a better way. As you can see on the right column, the new categories in which all my posts are organised are:

  • -ENG for the posts in english
  • -FRA pour les publications en français
  • -ITA per gli articoli in italiano
  • Events, News and Laboratories with news about research and this blog
  • Personal for less serious posts
  • Medicine, Robotics and Technology which is the huge category!
  • 3D Printing for this awesome research area
  • Lower Limb with all the posts related to the lower limb
  • Mechanics dedicated to mechanical stuff

I hope this new structure will facilitate the research of all the posts I’ve published up to now. New updates are coming in the next weeks, so… stay tuned 😉

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