Robot = Doctor of the Future ?


10,000 years ago, primitive doctors bored holes in the head to cure patients. Now the “brains” of a computer are saving lives and preventing disease. So what’s next?

Somebody linked me this nice infographic called “The Digitization of Health Care“. It presents a nice overview about how technology has deeply changed the world of medicine, and it brings some interesting information about Medical Robotics. Click on the links I added if you want to read my posts I wrote about these subjects 🙂

6 ways technology is improving healthcare 

• Internet can be a main source of medical information
• Healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals, are using social media to establish contact with patients
• Better treatment leads to less suffering
• Patient care is safer and more reliable
• Thanks to smartphones and tablets, doctors are easier to reach
• Search engines like Google have been able to accurately predict medical trends such as flu outbreaks


NOW: Artificial Intelligence in medicine

• Special software is available to examine the heart and prevent heart attacks before they occur
• Artificial muscles feature smart technology that allows them to function more like real muscles.
• Robotic surgery assistants can not only pass the correct tools to doctors, but also keep track of these tools and learn about a doctor’s preferences


source: this infographic (also click on the image)

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