the toughest job ever

Nothing scientific this week, just a nice video that I’d like to share with you. The last months of a PhD thesis are usually characterized by the research of “something to do next”. We start planning our future work, postdoc/teaching position/job/whatever, and often we struggle for making “the right choice” for “the career”… we hesitate, or we’re stressed, we want to make the right choice for ourselves. I totally abide by such state of mind, of course, but I also try to analyse the situation from another point of view. Maybe it’s because of my nationality, but I think that we should always keep in mind that all the choices that we make have to be discussed with and supported by those who care for us the most: our parents. We are taking decisions for ourselves, but also for them, who chose to do the toughest job ever. As usual, it is a matter of equilibrium.

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