how many bottles..?

Once I wrote an awesome post listing some interesting numbers about the human brain. Today, I’ll try to gather curious information about the topic litres-human body.

Wikicestello_acqua says that “iphysiologybody water is the water content of an animal body, contained in the tissues, the blood, the bones, or elsewhere. In the case of the average human male, 60% of the body weight is water. Other sources propose a slightly higher percentage, like 72-75% … however, it’s a huge quantity! Let’s say I weigh 65 kg, in my body I’ll have approximately 42 litres of water: I could fill 28 bottles of one litre and a half each, the common bottle we usually have on the table for dinner. Keep that in mind, the next time you go for a run and sweat!

bloogWhat about blood? The body of a 70 kg adult male contains, on average, 5.6 litres of blood. Three and a half bottles! As you’ll surely know, if you are between 18 and 60 years old and you weigh more than 45 kg, you can safely go for blood donation. Besides the free breakfast with which you’ll be rewarded, you’ll be happy to give about 350-470 millilitres of your blood. More or less, one third of a bottle! It’s nice to point out that this blood volume, that our body loses in ten minutes while we squeeze a rubber ball, will be recovered within just 24 hours.

drop drinkOk, I’ll admit I googled something like “teardrops how many millilitres” too. Tears size varies among individuals, as well as the chemical composition of teardrops, which is strongly related to many physiological aspects. In terms of millilitres, there is obviously no standard in the wonderful world of tears… anyway, to get an idea about small volumes of water, a teaspoon contains 5 ml and a medicine dropper usually drops a volume of about 0.05 ml. Therefore, we can fill our beloved 1.5 l bottle of water with 300 teaspoons or, if we really have time to spend on that, something like 30 thousand drops via a medicine dropper. Any plans for tonight?

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