updated CV + new publication

Hello there! No new content this week, just two important updates:

  1. I’ve updated my Curriculum Vitae, that is provided as usual in english, french and italian;
  2. I’ve got a new publication! The article, which is currently in press, can be accessed via this webpage (journal: Elsevier Medical Engineering & Physics).


andreacollo2.0 – new content, new layout

Hello everybody! 🙂

I’ve recently renewed my blog, here’s a short list of the latest updates:

  • the content of my Bio and Contact pages;
  • the descriptions of my PhD Thesis and Master Thesis research projects;
  • the new format of my Curriculum Vitae (in english, french and italian);
  • the new layout of this blog (Twenty Eleven theme), selected specifically to improve navigation and readability.

Upcoming: a new page describing my Postdoc research activity & updating the Links page… and hopefully a new entry in the Publications page 😉

Once again, thank you for your views and comments and… stay tuned!


once again, new CV format!

Hello everybody, I’ve just finished updating my CV.

I decided to get back to the 2-pages version, so as to add also my publications (that I updated, too). The content is organized now more “scientifically” and my research topics are presented in a more effective way. The layout comes from a Latex template that I found on the web and modified a little bit.

As usual, you can find my CV in three languages at this page.