creativity is free and 3D-printable


In line with their mission to create a better and healthier world, Materialise designed a hands-free 3D-printed door opener. This is intended to help minimize the unavoidable daily task of opening and closing doors and ultimately decrease the spread of germs like the coronavirus. 

The design file is free for anyone to download on Materialise official website, making it possible to 3D print locally at factories around the world. On the Materialise online shop it is also possible to order a pack of four with screws included. 

You can reduce the spread of germs during your daily tasks easily just by fastening the openers to your door handles. Help do your part to minimize risky contact and make a positive change!

In order to make this solution available to as many as possible, Materialise are introducing additional designs, including openers that fit door handles of various shapes and sizes as well as options that are smaller and therefore more affordable to print. Materialise’s Design and Engineering team is continuing to work on more variations, so check back regularly to find more models.