this second year (and a half)

Lirmm_vu_du_ciel_petit_formatEt voilà, more or less yesterday I was writing about the end of my first year of PhD thesis, and now almost two years and a half have already passed. This means that theoretically, before next Santa’s visit, I should be a doctor…

These last 14 months in another city, another lab, another atmoshpere, another group of friends (awesome people) have been… enlightening, from many points of view. I’ve learnt (and I’m still learning, and I still have to learn) a lot about myself, about people, about the world of research. I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach (well, simply assisting students during exercises sessions, nothing epic), so… I’m happy to have experienced all this and I want to thank every single person who made such part of my life so special 🙂

Next step is to keep on endeavouring so as to end this PhD in the best possible way…


The Contact section is updated, as well as my CV (I’ve added some details about my teaching experience). I’ve also created the Links section, it is supposed to host banners of interesting webpages, more or less scientific 🙂 If you would like your banner to appear in this section, please send me an e-mail.

this first year

The first year of my PhD has almost gone. I’ve spent 10 months here in Télécom Bretagne – Brest and it has been amazing! From the scientific/academic point of view I feel like I’ve learnt many useful things. My project is working out fine and I’ve just submitted my first publication (on croise les doigts!!). Concerning more personal achievements, I’ve met wonderful people and made really close friends… it won’t be too difficult to keep in touch, since we’re all staying more or less “close to each other” thanks to thousands of stages, internships, new PhD projects that are about to start in the next months. World is not big at all and we’ll meet again, for sure 🙂

Starting from September, the second year of my PhD will be entirely spent at the LIRMM Laboratory in Montpellier. It seems like it will be a brand new experience for me, after these two years in France my lifestyle will change a bit… basically, no more University Campus but apartment in downtown (Contact section is already up to date)! Let’s see what happens… in any case, this first year has been wonderful and I’ll always make treasure of such experiences.

See you soon, Brest 😉

Télécom Bretagne - Brest , the campus