Leap Motion + VR systems

old but gold – full credits: Futurism.com

Anyone with an Oculus or Vive VR system can better navigate the virtual world with their hands. Leap Motion shows off the tech improvements to Orion in a trio of new demos: Cat Explorer, Particles, and Paint.

Cat Explorer lets you inspect the interior of a disturbingly forlorn-looking feline in VR. You can run your fingers over its exposed ribs, remove the animal’s skin to look at its muscle structure, or even deconstruct the kitty, poking and prodding each individual bone and organ.

In the Particles demo, you can play around with tiny spheres, adjusting their reactions to one another to explore different concepts in physics.

The Paint demo is pretty much what you’d expect — it lets you use your hands to create a three-dimensional composition. Just don’t get too upset if your creation looks more like something that would come from Microsoft Paint than the colorful, well-rendered animals and plants featured in the demo video.

More info on the official website!