PhD positions at IIT in Genova, Italy

IIT and the University of Genoa have published a call for application to the next PhD course starting January 2014This page is meant to help candidates navigate the large number of research themes as well as the online application forms. Prospective students are invited to read the call text carefully, read the available research themes and contact their respective proponents for more information. The deadline for applications is September 20th, 2013 noon (Italian time/CET).

The PhD offer is divided in “courses”. IIT covers four different courses, namely:


  1. Bioengineering & Robotics Neuroscience
  2. Science & Technologies of Material
  3. Chemistry
  4. Science & Technologies for Electronics and Telecommunication

Courses are internally divided in one or more “curricula”. Each student must apply to at least one theme. Multiple applications are possible (albeit not encouraged) by repeating the file upload and submission procedure. Please note also that themes may repeat across curricula and joint tutorship across courses and between IIT and the University of Genoa is not rare. Prospective students are invited also to verify carefully the themes by contacting the relative tutor/tutors in advance (tutors and contact emails are listed for each theme).

Detailed information can be found on this webpage. Concerning the curriculum Advanced Robotics and Robot Design, here’s a list of the proposed themes:

  • 8: Developmental Robotics And Robot Learning Of Motor Skills
  • 9: Robot Learning For Agile Locomotion Of Compliant Humanoid Robots (link)
  • 10: Human-robot collaborative manipulation and coordination in bimanual tasks
  • 11: Learning from demonstration in a soft robotic arm for assistance in minimally invasive surgery
  • 12: Bidirectional user interfaces for human-robot interaction (link)
  • 13: Automatic Tumor Segmentation and Classification in Real-Time Endoscopic Video
  • 14: Modular end-effectors for robot-assisted minimally invasive microsurgery
  • 15: Minimally obtrusive surgeon-machine interface for robot-assisted surgery
  • 16: Simulator and Training System for Laser Surgeries in the Larynx (link)
  • 17: Planning and Control of Highly Dynamic Full Body Motions for Robots With Legs and Arms
  • 18: Perception and Mapping on a Quadruped Robot (link)
  • 19: Development of a Reconfigurable Multifinger Robot for Packaging Applications (Robotic Origami)
  • 20: Exploration of Haptic Sensation and Its Use in Detecting Peripheral Neuropathy

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