the Iceberg of ignorance

credits: Frank Zijlstra

Consultant Sidney Yoshida produced this study called ‘The Iceberg of Ignorance‘ in 1989. Yoshida revealed what he saw in the work and leadership habits of Japanese car manufacturer, Calsonic.

How much do we know, what is going on within our organisation? Is it even possible to know all? But if we do not know all, how do we know if we are resolving the right challenges? If executives are continuously impatient and do not ask how they can help, will it really help to resolve Problems in a quality way?

Can engagement within an organization help to resolve challenges on every layer of the organisation? But what about the silo’s within the organization? Fixing a problem in one part of the organisation, but creating an other somewhere else?

Technology opportunities are happening faster and faster, more and more we have to be ready to make changes and adapt. How are you and your teams adopting change?

Titanic, l'iceberg sarebbe stato in 'agguato' da 100mila anni

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