2011 robot sales statistical data

The latest statistical data on robot sales in 2011 and forecasts have been released for the industrial and service robots domains.

2011 marked the most successful year for industrial and service robot sales ever. About 2.5 million service robots for personal and domestic use were sold, 15% more than in 2010. The value of sales increased by 19% to US $ 636 million.

Despite the weakening global economic situation, a further robot sales increase of about 9% to about 181,000 units is likely. The sales increase will mainly be driven by the automotive industry and the electronics industry as well as by the increasing number of customers with low-volume orders from other industries. The main impulses are coming from North America, China, Brazil and Central and Eastern European countries as well as from Japan, due to the restoration of the damaged production facilities.

source: this PDF document

3 thoughts on “2011 robot sales statistical data

    • Hi Tiara,
      I found these data in a mail from some newsletters that I’m receiving (related to Robotics field).
      If you’re interested, I can try to look for this mail and forward it to you.
      Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

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