breakthrough could prevent Hip Implant Replacement

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World-leading researchers from the University of Sheffield have identified a molecule which can be targeted to reduce the loosening of hip implants by preventing toxic metal entering into bone cells.

Hip implants rely on the normal functioning of bone cells to achieve fixation of the implant with the bone. However, small metal particles released from hip implants, due to friction between the moving surfaces, have been shown to be toxic to the surrounding bone cells. This causes the implant to loosen in the bone and often leads to patients requiring second surgery to replace the failed implant.


Using X-ray light from the Diamond Light Source (the UK’s synchrotron science facility at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Oxfordshire), researchers were able to map the locations of metals inside bone cells. The findings, published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research, show that the location of the metals that are released from implants is different inside bone building and bone destroying cells.

Dr Alison Gartland, Senior Lecture from the University’s Academic Unit of Bone Biology, said: “The fact that we found metal ions in different places within the two types of bone cells suggest that they get into the cells by separate ways. When investigating how the metals entered bone cells we found that when we blocked a molecule called the P2X7 receptor using a specific drug, the entry of metals into the bone cells was reduced. These results are really exciting because, if we can prevent the entry of the metal into these cells, we can hopefully prevent the metal joint from failing.”

THR xrayOver the last decade, it is estimated that nearly half a million hips have been replaced in England and Wales as a result of osteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in adults, affecting nearly eight million people in the UK alone. Surgical replacement of the joint using artificial metal implants is the most effective way to restore activity and reduce pain and disability in osteoarthritis sufferers. The research was funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and in collaboration with Diamond Light Source.

European Robotics Forum 2015

erf2015The sixth edition of European Robotics Forum (ERF) will take place in Vienna, Austria

This 3-day event (March 11-13, 2015) is a meeting point for at least 350 scientists, companies and robotics officials from the European Commission. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for the companies and researchers to meet and interact in workshops and seminars in order to expand their networks, gather the latest relevant information, and build new business and collaborations thereby strengthening the potential of European robotics.

After its start in San Sebastian in 2010, this annual event has quickly become the most influential meeting of the European robotics community. Researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs and business people from all over Europe come together to discuss topics and contents which also have an immediate impact on the roadmapping process for Robotics in Europe.

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Innorobo 2015

Innorobo is the only event in Europe 100% dedicated to robotics and disruptive innovations. Join last week of June, beg. of July 2015!

logoWhat’s new in 2015…

  • 25% additional exhibition space
  • 6 demo pavilions and itineraries organized by field of applications
  • a developer space to meet experts in robotics and software operating systems and try them
  • 1 Partners and VIP / experts’ lounge to share visions and develop strategic partnerships
  • 1 full day on Friday for students and the general public
  • a central presentation area with a scaled robot stage for robot shows

… and growing:

  • Plenary sessions organized by topics: about 20 conferences over 3 days
  • Thematic workshops
  • Call for Start-ups with a larger dedicated area to exhibit their innovations
  • Innorobo Capek award

innorobo 2015

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